Our Heritage

Knirps, the iconic German company that invented the folding umbrella, now re-invents it with fashion prints, fresh colors, innovative engineering and unsurpassed quality.


The word Knirps actually means “little one” in German, and ever since the company invented the folding umbrella in 1928, it has set the worldwide standard for designing umbrellas that are not only “little,” but fashionable and durable as well.


Knirps offers a full range of models, from handy compacts to over-sized canopies, providing multiple options for reliable protection against the rain. There is a Knirps umbrella for every type of weather, use and look.


Once you experience what Knirps design is all about, you may just change your whole outlook on rainy days.


Knirps was selected as one of
Germany’s “Brands of the Century”



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